Dynamic. Different. Dedicated.

Protecting and guiding. Smart and skilled.

MöllerWerke GmbH is a renowned supplier and development partner in the engineering and vehicle industry. The company specializes in protection and cover systems, as well as components for guiding and directing media and is a technological leader in these segments.

What we stand for.

Dynamic. Different. Dedicated.

Our process and product expertise gives us the freedom to leverage our ingenuity to create innovations and customized solutions—from individual niche solutions to series production. Agility and flexibility, close proximity to our customers, as well as expertise and a passion for technical solutions guarantee our success.

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What we stand for


The products we develop and manufacture are typically used for protection, guiding, or directing. To ensure they demonstrate flexibility, we use various materials such as plastic, vulcanized rubber, natural rubber, metal, or technical textiles.

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Together with our customers we develop customized and technically sophisticated product solutions for various applications. Our products are an integral part of our customers’ designs and constructions and are developed with reliability and durability in mind. Upon request, our products can undergo additional tests such as dynamic fatigue tests, leak tests, or pressure tests.

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Machine tools

Machine tools.

More compact, lighter, greater cost efficiency—the demands placed on machine tool manufacturers continue to rise. From milling machines and lathes to laser processing machines and machining centers—MöllerWerke is a skilled producer of reliable protective machine covers for an extensive range of applications.

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Construction machinery

Construction machinery.

Excavators, cranes, mining vehicles, and wheel loaders are just some examples of construction machinery that must run smoothly even under the harshest conditions—day in day out. That’s why they depend heavily on products developed by MöllerWerke such as hoses, elbows, and moldings made from a wide range of materials.

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Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery.

Combines, shredders, farm loaders, and tractors are just some examples of agricultural machines that must run smoothly even under the toughest conditions every day. We offer compelling products for guiding and directing as well as protecting and covering.

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Rail technology

Rail technology.

Modern mobility is turning to rail transportation more than ever. As a result, the industry is faced with extremely high demands for maximum safety, durability, and comfort. As a long-standing development partner to the rail industry, we have designed groundbreaking air routing and protection systems for rail vehicles to meet these challenges.

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Engine technology and power packs

Engine technology and power packs.

Trucks, rail cars, and stationary equipment—powerful motors need individual air guiding solutions to run reliably and ensure durability. MöllerWerke produces various hose solutions for both engines and engines integrated in support frames (power packs).

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Other applications

Other applications.

Our customized projects are used worldwide in a diverse range of applications and industries. MöllerWerke products are durable and reliable and are used for protection, guiding, and directing.

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Constant and reliable cooling of the traction motor is essential for rail vehicles to reach their destination safely. MöllerWerke manufactures individual traction motor boots developed for the application, which adapt to the required track profile of…

Variants of traction motor boots

Whether as a PVC molded part, made of elastomers or coated fabric: our bellows are available in a variety of sizes and materials to provide the best possible protection for a wide range of applications. MöllerWerke specializes in the manufacture of…

Examples of MöllerWerke bellows

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What sets us apart from other employers is our unique, down-to-earth corporate culture that puts our people at the heart of everything we do. Because we know that our success is rooted in the dedication of our employees.

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Product & Supplier Info.

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Our strength lies in our diversity. MöllerGroup consists of four highly specialized, individual companies that together make an unbeatable team. This structure offers numerous advantages that set us apart from other companies.

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