Flyer 3d printed wipers EN
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Flyer Clickflex Protective Cover EN
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Flyer Diamantflex EN
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Flyer traction motor boots EN
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Flyer fabric expansion joints EN
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Flyer air duct systems EN
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Flyer hoses and elbows EN
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Flyer Skyflex Roof Cover EN
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Flyer Stahlflex EN
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Flyer Tauchperform EN
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Terms and conditions of purchase, sale and delivery

General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
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Terms and conditions of purchase
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Certificate ISO 14001:2015
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Certificate ISO 9001:2015
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Certificate ISO 50001:2018
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Material Compliance

Your contact at MöllerWerke GmbH:
Mr. Jürgen Posner, Kupferhammer, 33649 Bielefeld, GERMANY
Tel.: +49 521 4477343, Fax: +49 521 447791343

REACh-Verordnung EG/1907/2006
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Declaration of REACh Regulation EG/1907/2006 and candidate list of substances of very high concern (svhc) published by ECHA on 17th January 2023Our current customer information across the supply chain
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Restricted substances in molerit®Further information on dip-moulded molerit® articles
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Information regarding the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and EU regulation 2017/821Our customer information on conflict material
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